Signature Gathering Challenge- Make Your Mark on SOJ

Put your personalized stamp on the Jefferson State Capital Building!  Not only will you be a part of this monumental wall, but this will also go toward funding the Jefferson Formation Legal Fund.

Join the Signature Gathering Challenge!  When you turn in 10 signatures or more, you get to choose what is printed on the next brick.  Our profits from events & booths will be used to purchase these which benefit the legal fund.  The person with the most gathered signatures chooses the first brick printing, the one with the least turned in chooses last.  You have until the end of November to get these in so get out there and get your friends, family, and neighbors to sign up.  Any resident or property owner can sign regardless of age or voter registration status.  If someone lives here or owns property, they abide by Calaveras County laws, therefore they have a say and are privileged to filing grievances.  Signature Sheets are available in the ‘Helpful Documents’ section or by clicking HERE

Mail in completed sheets to the address at the bottom of the Signature Sheet.  Include your completed brick order form and we’ll take care of the rest.  Brick Order Forms are available in the ‘Helpful Documents’ section or by clicking HERE

Over 30 bricks have already been ordered, below are some examples:
brick1     brick2


The State of Jefferson has a Go Fund Me page!  Help us meet our goal to fund our legal services!  Much of the work done for this grass roots movement is done by volunteers!  We truly believe in the cause and spend much of our free time making it happen.  Our lawyers who have won Supreme Court cases in the past are donating many hours themselves, but there will be fees involved.  Please consider donating to the State of Jefferson Legal Fund by clicking on Go Fund Me



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