Signature Gathering Challenge!

Get ready for the Signature Gathering Challenge!  For every 5 signatures you get, a State of Jefferson wristband pictured below will be mailed to you and your name will be entered for a $100 State of Jefferson Merchandise Basket!  The drawing will be held in October 2017, so you have plenty of time to increase your chances by gathering signatures!


Know anyone who has ever wanted to move out of California due to over regulations, taxes, or the politics?  They don’t have to move!  Have your friends and family sign a support statement!

 This is not an official document, we are just gathering names of residents or property owners who support the State of Jefferson for Calaveras County.  Any property owner or resident of Calaveras can sign, regardless of age or voter registration status. 

People can either sign at by clicking on ‘Sign Up Here’ or on a signature sheet.  Signature sheets and handouts can be printed from our website under the ‘Helpful Documents’ tab.
When you mail in a sheet, include your name and address so we know who to add to the drawing and where to mail the wristband.  If you get electronic signatures, email so we know who you are responsible for signing up.

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