Court Hearing March 6th! The legal fund needs donations!

Good News! The next hearing is on March 6th!  All three Attorneys will be presenting again before a 9th Circuit Judge.  If the Judge awards us a 3-judge panel, we will get to plead our lack of Representation complaint before three Federal Judges.   From there, our case will go before the Supreme Court!

The bad news is our legal funds are low!

In the last 4 years, SOJ has raised over $600,000 which has gone to our 3 attorneys for their expertise in writing up our original case, drafting 2 appeals, submitting a Writ of Mandamus, endless hours of research, paying their staff and other expensive court costs, interviewing expert witnesses, travel expenses and arguing our case twice before Judge Mueller.  If you have ever needed the services of an attorney, you know how much they cost per hour.
All county committees will be fundraising.  Please donate NOW-our hope of the 51st State of Jefferson depends on it!  You can either donate to the 501c3 at or by mailing a check made out to SOJ Formation and sending it to:
SOJ Formation
PO Box 751
Palo Cedro, CA   96073
If you would like to donate $100 or more and be able to claim the donation as tax deductible, make the check out to PECAN (Patriots Educating Concerned Americans Now) and write SOJ Formation in the memo.  Send it to the same address above.
Thank You for your support!!

Support Now 010820

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