Have Questions?  Want an explanation?  Here are some great short videos to explain the grass roots movement of The State of Jefferson:

Overview Videos:

Introduction to The State of Jefferson- 3 minutes

What Is The Reason Behind The State of Jefferson?-3 minutes

Why We Have Government-3 minutes

A Long Train of Abuses- 3 minutes

What Happened to California?-1 minute

A Total Failure-4 minutes

Have You Had Enough?- 6 minutes


Nitty Gritty Videos:

Why Change The Constitution?-1 minute

What Checks and Balances Should We Have?-2 minutes

Reynolds vs. Sims Explained-1 minute

How can the State of Jefferson protect private property rights?-1 minute

How does the 14th Ammendment Apply?-2 minutes

Sacramento Won’t Let Us Go Because We Have The Water-1 minute

Why Will Sacramento Let Us Go?-2 minutes

What happens to the assets such as Colleges and Prisons?-2 minutes

What Would Happen To Our Universities and Prisons?-2 minutes

Our Unalienable Rights-4 minutes

All Just Power-5 minutes

June 2014 Del Norte County Narrowly Fails- 6 minutes


Financial Videos:

What Will Happen To State Workers’ Benefits?-2 minutes

How Would The State of Jefferson Be Funded?-2 minutes

Can We Survive Without California Money?-3 minutes

What Would Our State Income Be?-2 minutes

What Would Taxes Be Like?-3 minutes

How Would Our Economy Improve?-2 minutes

How Long Would It Take To Pay Off Our Debt?-2 minutes

Show Me the Money! SOJ Financial Model- 22 minutes


The Plan Videos:

Lawsuit Explained July 2017-8 minutes

We Can Fix It-All About the Court Case-1hr 25min

May 31st Rally at the Capitol-33 minutes

How To Split A State-12 minutes

We Are Not Asking For Permission- 5 minutes

Plan B-14 minutes

Jurisdiction Sovereignty Interposition and Nullification-3 minutes

Give Us Liberty-6 minutes

What Will The First Day of Jefferson Be Like?-2 minutes

What Will The State of Jefferson Look Like?-22 minutes

What You Can Do To Help-12 minutes


Local Videos:

SOJ Spokesman Steve Baird interviewed on Taxpayer Alert October 2015: Steve Baird Calaveras Interview – 30 minutes

Opponents & Supporters of The State of Jefferson speak to Calaveras Board of Supervisors March 2016: Calaveras SOJ Presentation to the BOS with Public Comment-2 hours

Calaveras local speaks on Public Access TV January 2017: Taxpayer Alert: State of Jefferson-30 minutes